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The frontend:


Toolbar for all major design features such as duplicate, delete or change order.

LayoutBuddy's proven five-step-design for an intuitive user guidance.

LayoutBuddy tool

par ex­cel­lence:
Everything that is created is shown immediately. Not only the future printing, but also options such as Eyelets.

The backend:

Administration area

Clear and extensive configuration options to meet your requirements.

LayoutBuddy tool

Extensions, tailored to specific product groups - of course only of you wish.

More possibilities:

Features and details

Extensive configuration options to meet your requirements

Multi-language frontend, e.g. in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian

Integration Possible to integrate into any ecommerce system, ready-made plugins for popular shop systems to start immediately

Many years of proven intuitive user guidance

Connection to professional image databases with access to millions of photos

Extensions for certain product groups such as banners, canvas prints, stickers, wallpapers

Custom image archives for higher revenues

Limitation of fonts for specific product groups

Custom sponsor logo on request

Download of ready-to-print PDF files that contain all information necessary for production

SaaS based, secure storage in the cloud

Continuous development and regular security updates

Start now and become a web-to-print professional