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This section shows new features and functions that have been added recently.


Magento Extension Update

The Magento Extension now supports multiple LayoutBuddy accounts for a Multi-Store environment.


Shopware Plugin Update

The Shopware Plugin is now compatible with the latest version 4.3.2


Lock elements

It's possible to lock elements in the LayoutBuddy editor from now on. This can also be used for templates to provide a restricted way to modify a layout.


Search for configurations

In the configurations overview there is a search functionality available from now on.


CSV export for configurations

You can now export a list of your configurations for different purposes as CSV file from the backend.


Custom color palettes for text and clips

Custom color palettes are now also available for text elements and vector clips.


Tierpricing based on area

Tierpricing is now available not only based on quantities but also based on the area (e.g. m²) of the layout.


Swedish language

LayoutBuddy is now available in swedish.


French language

LayoutBuddy is now available in french.


Portuguese language

LayoutBuddy is now available in portuguese.


Dutch language

LayoutBuddy is available in dutch language.


New fonts available

9 new fonts are available from now on, including Andika, Open sans, Comfortaa, Lobster, Marck script, Molle, Lovers quarrel and Leckerli One.


Multipage with contours

Multipage module now supports cut contours as in the sticker module. It has been merged with the "Multipage contour" module.


Custom picture and clip archives

LayoutBuddy now provides custom clip- and picture archives. For now filetypes such as jpg, png and svg are supported. Colors of svg-clips can be edited by the customers. Prices can be defined per category.



LayoutBuddy now supports multi-page products. You can now offer calendars, business cards etc.. The resulting PDF contains multiple pages with the corresponding layouts. The new type can be found in the list of configuration types when you add a new product configuration.


Instant design scaling on loading

Instant designs can be scaled to the actual canvas size after loading the LayoutBuddy editor. If you want to offer the same Instant designs for different products or product sizes, they can be loaded in any canvas size from now on.


Additional infobar in PDFs

From now on, additional information such as order IDs, layout IDs, material shortcuts etc. can be printed directly in the PDF as text and barcode on an additional margin.


Dropbox, Google Drive integration

Dropbox and Google Drive is spported from now on. PDF files can be sent directly from the backend of a shopping system to local computers to be printed immediately.


Prices for Contour cutting

From now on, prices for contour cutting can be defined on a configuration level. Further more, a default contour can be selected.